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Principal Data Guru
Emily Workman

Emily is an experienced freelance Data Analyst and visualisation expert with 20 years of experience working in the arts, charity and government sectors. She specialises in marketing and audience insights, sales trends, email and online marketing analysis, report writing and data visualisation. She's also expert in data cleaning and sorting. Emily's primary focus is working with small to medium organisations, helping them understand their data, develop strategic decision making, and reach the right audience for their business. Audience Beat's number one goal is to enable small businesses to interpret and use the data at their finger tips.


We help you understand your audience through harnessing the data you already own.
Specialising in digital marketing data, from segmentation to analytics.

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Services at Audience Beat

Data cleansing

Managing data can be difficult. We help make it more manageable by consolidating and expertly cleaning your marketing data.


Understanding audience engagement can be the key to unlocking successful marketing campaigns. We help you build simple, useable reports that allow you to track engagement with your audience.


Strategy is our favourite thing! We help you work with the data and tools you have, to develop strategies around data management, audience engagement and reporting. We want to empower organisations, and give them the roadmap to using their data effectively.


Reaching the right audience is 

important. We can help you understand your demographic, and develop a segmentation strategy to ensure that your messages get in front of the right people.



Sarah, Assemble Agency

Any organisation that uses email marketing needs Emily. She not only understands data, she is friendly, reliable and we love working with her. She works collaboratively and understands our goals, helping us implement a company-wide email marketing data cleanse for one of our biggest clients.
Our communications are more strategic and our clients get data-driven results thanks to Emily's in-depth knowledge of segmentation and data analysis.
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